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Friday, 15 January 2010
This Is my third reel wedding:Mugdha Chaphekar

Mugdha Chapekar plays Aarti, an innocent girl in Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo, her first comedy show. She spoke to TellyChakkar about her character and her future.

The Colors show Mere Ghar Aayi Ek Nanhi Pari got over in October. She was the lead in that show and she was not willing to take up anything, “It was very tiring for me. I wanted to take a break for at least six months after slogging hard for so many months. But one of the senior people from Optimystix which produces Sajan Re…called up and narrated me this role. They also told me about my co-actors and I was excited to get a chance to act with them. I never really did comedy and so I wanted to try it. So I agreed.” Mugdha was also planning to study further. “I have been working in shows since childhood but my parents wanted me to complete my education first. However, I could not refuse Sanyukta’s character in Prithviraj Chauhan. They told me that my track will go on for only two months so I did it and then it extended for a long time due to public demand. Then I did another show with them and I was also doing my graduation.”

She admits it was tough to balance her education and career. “Then Nanhi Pari started and I had to really struggle to complete my final year in English Literature and just missed the first rank. Even now, I wanted to do my Masters but it is looking difficult now, as I have to shoot for a certain number of days.”

Her character is getting married in the show. “This is my third on-screen wedding, last time I shot for 16 days in Nanhi Pari, it was a Punjabi wedding. Here, it’s a typical Gujarati wedding. I have been wearing this lehenga for the past two days, it is at least 20 kgs heavy and my ornaments would be another 10 kgs. I love the typical Panetar sari which the bride wears during the wedding. It took me at least two and a half hours to get ready for this sequence.

However I enjoyed everything because weddings are a colourful affair and everyone is happy shooting such sequences.”

She says her off screen experience is maddening just the way it is on-screen. “It is simply great to shoot this show. We share make up rooms and we often chitchat, eat and share things with each other. All the actors including Sumeet (Raghvan) and Apara Mehta are helpful. We are pulling each other's legs and cracking jokes all the time.

Therefore, we don’t feel the pressure of long working hours.”Is she open to more shows? “I did a theatre workshop when I was a kid and so I really want to do theatre, especially Marathi. Most of my co-actors are from theatre and am looking forward for such an opportunity. There are offers for shows and films in Hindi and Marathi but I will only do films dealing with interesting subjects.”


source: Telly Buzz


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